Why you should Charge your Electric Vehicle with a dedicated Type 2 EV Charger?

Don’t compromise on safety when it comes to charging your electric vehicle. Always use a dedicated Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment (EVSE) for hassle-free and secure charging. There are many risks associated with charging through a 3-PIN socket. With EVSE, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is being charged using a dedicated charger designed specifically for electric vehicles. The major reasons as to why one should charge the Electric Vehicle with a dedicated Electric Vehicle Charger are :

  1. Communication with the Car : While charging through a 3-PIN Socket there is no communication between Charger and Car. On the other hand, a communication is established between the car and charger during the charging session when you charge through a EVSE. Communication between the car and charger is very important for safe charging. A Type 2 AC Charger communicates through CP & PP Pins in the Charging Gun.
  2. Protection : There is no DC Leakage Protection in a 3-PIN Socket which is very dangerous. Charging a huge size battery is very critical. DC residual currents and harmonics can harm your house/building electrical supply system. A Type 2 AC Charger has a DC Leakage Protection through a Type B RCCB inside it.
  3. Slow Charging : A 3-PIN Socket is rated maximum at 16A i.e 3.3kW only. On the other hand, a Type 2 AC Charger is rated upto 22kW. So, It takes too long to charge a Car with big battery size. A MG ZV EV having 45KWh Battery will charge in 15-16 hours with a 3-PIN Socket while a 7.4KW Charger can charge it in 6-7 hours.
  4. Earthing Protection : An Electric Car gets Earthing through the Charger only. A 3-PIN Socket does not provide a regular earth check while the charging process in ON. While, a Type 2 EV Charger regularly monitors the Earthing and disconnects the Charging Session if the Earthing breaks due to any reason. Earthing is most important part of an Electrical System. Charging without proper earthing is very dangerous.So, a 3 Pin Socket shall be used for charging only in case of an emergency like when you are travelling and do not have access to AC or a DC Charger.