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e-mobility Starter Kit

Order your e-mobility Starter Kit now and establish your own EV Charger Manufacturing Business.


The Starter Kit has all components to build a Single Phase Type 2 AC EV Charger.

e-mobility Starter Kit

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AC EV Charge Controllers

AC EV Charge Controllers

Make Type 2 AC, LEV AC, Bharat AC001 and OCPP Based 3-PIN Socket EV Chargers in your own brand name.

DC Fast EV Chargers

DC Fast EV Chargers

CCS2 Single and Dual Gun, GB/T Dual Gun and LEV DC Fast Chargers in white-label options.

Charge Management System

Charge Management System

Charging Management System for Booking, Billing, Authentication & Monitoring the EV Infrastructure. <Under Development>

“India to become No 1 EV maker in world.”

Nitin Gadkari

Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India

(Source: The Hindu dated April 18, 2021)


We keep helping the businesses from idea to technologies that help them build a better future.

We bring together the best of technologies & experiences and offer a comprehensive and state of the art, competitive, safe & reliable solutions to our customers and make them future ready.

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How to set-up my own Business in EV Charging?

What are the Charging Standards?

What is an AC Charger or a DC Charger?

What is a Charge Management System?

……………….and many more?

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