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AC EV Charge Controllers

AC EV Charge Controllers

We have the Best in Class ‘AC EV Charge Controllers’ for making full range of AC EV Charging Portfolio :

1. Single Phase Type 2 AC Charge Controller (For 3.3 & 7.4KW Chargers)

2. Three Phase Type 2 AC Charge Controller (For 11 & 22KW Chargers)

3. 3-PIN Socket OCPP Based AC Charge Controller

4. Bharat AC001 Charge Controller

DC Fast EV Chargers

DC Fast EV Chargers

We offer the following ‘DC Fast EV Chargers’ in White Label option :

1. 30KW CCS2 Single Gun 

2. 60KW CCS2 Single Gun <Under Development>

3. 60KW CCS2 Dual Gun <Under Development>

4. 15KW + 15KW Dual Gun Bharat DC001 <Under Development>


With the above Chargers, complete your EV Charger Offerings to the market.

Charge Management System

Charge Management System

<Under Development>

Take control of your Business. 

Offer Charge Managment System to your customers in your own Brand Name (White-Label option)

Features :

Charger Booking, Billing through Wallet Option, Authentication, Monthly reports 


We can categories charging in two types on the basis of time:
• Slow Charging through AC Chargers,
• Fast Charging through DC Chargers.

Mainly 4 ratings are available in market as follows:
• 3.3KW Single Phase
• 7.4KW Single Phase
• 11KW Three Phase
• 22KW Three Phase

Duration of charging totally depends to OBC, car battery size and type of charger.
Example:1 Battery- 30KWH/ OBC – 3.3KW /Type-2 Charger – 3.3KW
Approx. time to charge = 9Hrs. (30KWH/3.3KW)

Example:2 Battery- 30KWH/ CCS DC – 30KW (OBC bypassed in case of DC charging)
Approx. time to charge (SOC 10% – 80%) = 50Mins.

Current/Voltage ratings of AC EV chargers are as follows:
• 3.3KW Single Phase – 16A 230V
• 7.4KW Single Phase – 32A 230V
• 11KW Three Phase – 16A 415V
• 22KW Three Phase – 32A 415V

Standard length of 5 meter is suitable in most cases. More than 5meter length is also available on demand.

AC Charging (Slow Charging): It is the most common charging method for electric vehicles with a plug or Type-2 connector. Vehicle’s OBC converts this AC supply and give it battery.

DC Charging (Fast Charging): The DC Charger converts the power before it enters the vehicle. After conversion, the power goes directly into the car battery, bypassing the car’s OBC.

Yes, but the car’s OBC will not allow the more power than 3.3KW.

Yes, but the car will charge with 3.3KW power only.