Use of 3 Output Charger in Electric 2/3 Wheeler Fleet Charging

If you have your own electric 2/3-Wheeler fleet or want to put up an EV Charging setup for an Electric 2/3-Wheeler fleet operators, this article is for you. A 3-Ouput OCPP Based EV Charger can charge 3 vehicles at a time thereby reducing the space and time required for charging multiple vehicles thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the charging station.

The Product: The Charger has a 3-Phase Input and 3 no. single phase outputs of 3.3kW each. The Charging cable that is provided by the Vehicle OEM can be inserted in any of the 3 charging plugs, then with the use of Charging Management System (CMS) the Charge Point can be operated and the billing can be done on the Mobile Application (Part of CMS).

Why 3 Output Charger: While Charging can be done with a normal 3-PIN socket as well then why do we need a dedicated charger? The reason for using a 3-Output OCPP based charger are:

1. The Charger has a regular Earth Monitoring System i.e if the earthing breaks at any point during the charging session, the charging stops.

2. It has a Surge Protection Device (SPD) for protection from the Switching Surges which may be generated during charging.

3. It has a Type A RCCB for protection from the AC Leakage Current as well.

4. The important feature is the OCPP compliancy which enables the Charger to be connected to CMS (or Mobile App) for Locating, Booking, Billing and Monitoring purpose.

Importance for fleet operators: These types of Chargers are of utmost importance to the fleet operators wherein they need to monitor the Charger health, do the billing, and maintain safety while the vehicles are being Charged.